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wildflowers, cross stitch & etsy shop reopening..

Its decidely summery this morning. We have had some amazing weather recently, sunny, breezy and warm without humidity and then just an incredible amount of rain for a couple of days and everything is just bright and green. David and I went for a country drive yesterday evening, the windows rolled down and maggie hanging out while I held onto her for dear life. It all smelled soo fresh, clean and earthy. 
The bluebonnets are mostly gone and now the queen anne's lace and pink primroses cover the ground.   My ranunculus bulbs which I planted have sprouted and are looking good, so are my cosmos and other flowers. 
These past couple weeks have been spent doing a lot of sewing. On a whim, I decided to reopen my etsy shop. Maybe just for the summer, I have time at the moment so we'll see how it goes. I am working on some completely magical bags for a collaboration with The Blackberry Ridge (check out her yarn, its wonderful and so is she!) I think this collaboration will be the first of a few and also one of a kind so if you are interested be sure to check it out, I'll post about it on instagram. I love making, its something that brings me so much happiness. Sewing, knitting, cross stitching, I love it all. I couldn't choose a favorite! I finally cast on a Vertices Unite shawl, its been in my queue forever but I'm pretty happy with it, very interesting construction.
I started stitching on my lovely new kit by Alicia Paulson. Oh my gosh how I love it, the colors and the design. So so pretty. Just a few stitches here and there and maybe it will be finished by summer. I love her stuff! Already looking forward to the next one. I think I might have a problem. Its a good one to have though. 

mini skeins and lots of floral everything

I've got flowers on the mind. Its this time of year. Everything I seem to be working on and purchasing is floral inspired. The first day of spring came and went and how are we into April already. How does that happy so fast?! The wisteria bloomed and the petals fell before I could even take photos. There was wisteria blooming everywhere here. Seemed wild almost. The blossoms from the apple and pear trees have all blown away. The tulips and daffodils are still blooming. Pink primrose is popping up in bunches along the side of the roads and blueblonnets have really started to show. I've spotted indian paintbrush too. I finally planted some bulbs and cleaned up our front garden, sort of. I still need to do more but at least its presentable. We have a major problem with weeds in our grass at the moment. I planted zinnias and lavender and lantana. I was grocery shopping at Trader Joes a couple days ago and could not resist buying bouquets of ranunculus. So pretty! My absolute favorite. I planted some bulbs in a barrel awhile ago, we'll see if they even come up. I wouldn't say I have a green thumb, its greenish. A very light greenish.. 
I don't know what possessed me but I got a bee in my bonnet to paint my craft room. While I was at lowes looking at plants I found my self in the paint center and came home with a color called Sweet Mint. It turned out so nice and I'm the worst painter in the world so won't be doing that again. I was just so tired of all the beige in my house. The thing about buying a brand new newly built cookie cutter home is that they paint the walls all the same boring beige and now I've had it with beige!
I've made two vintage book purchases. I love love love wildflower and nature reference books. I have amassed a bit of a collection and my two recent finds are wonderful additions. I love looking through them. Such a source of inspiration for my embroidery work whenever I get to it. 
I finished one knitting project, this shawl. I totally forgot to take a pic of the blocked shawl but I had to send it off to Dianne. It was a sample for her show. I can't say I enjoyed the shawl, I do not like that construction and the shawl by the end was really awkward to hold that it really did a number on my thumbs and wrist. Gosh I was in pain for a few days. Never has that happened before and so knitting has been sort of taking a back seat for other things that don't irritate my wrists. A little bit of sock knitting has been ok though. 
Crochet has been fine as well. I started a little granny pillow cover and also a blanket, this pattern because I enjoy all things Dottie Angel. I might add some woolly tattoos instead of doilies. 
I received some pretty things in the mail recently. I ordered some minis from Hue Loco. Various colors because you can purchase them individually and just in a kit which is nice. Also this set and they 50 grams skeins. Which is good size and the colors are just so Sping. Just love them, so bright and fun and perfect for a small project. I have in mind something crocheted, not sure just what maybe a pillowcase or two or maybe a shawl. We'll see.
Also I am completely enamored with all things Viola Yarn. I love her instagram and her aesthetic. The minis I ordered from Canada took no time at all to arrive and for now I will just admire them because they are so magical. I absolutely love the way she dyes yarn. I hoard her stuff. Seriously though I should just knit it up. 
I started and finished a quilt top with some of my precious tilda fabric. Just a simple patchwork quilt top. I cut a bunch of squares, I think about 300 4.5". Now to find a backing and some fabric for binding. 
I was at ikea a couple weeks ago and I purchased the quilt I needed for a calicozy quilt by Alicia Paulson. I would like to do that next but I bought the wrong size and I'll put that on hold for now. I wanted to do the queen but I accidentally bought the twin. Maybe I'll make two, I have enough fabric. I am working on something really fun behind the scenes. Well fun to me anyway so far. As a way to get to know some of my favorite podcasters/instagrammers/bloggers, I am doing mini interviews for a blog series. I think it will be a biweekly regular post. Its meant to be fun. Just doing some background work for that.