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Pillow Talk

It's finally warmed up a bit here. There was a beautiful sunset last week. I've been in cozy mode for the past couple weeks, double socks everyday. I was so happy to find pink tulips at the store earlier this week. They make me so happy. I'm not usually one to pick a word for the year but I think if I were to pick one it would be cozy. I'm aiming for making and knitting cozy things all this year. I'm off to a good start so far.
 I finished my english paper pieced pillow and already started another with scraps. Its been banished to my couch in the office because my hubby can only handle so much floral and pink. 
I also finished my quilt, my sewing machine never saw so much action in one day. I was determined because among allllll the knitting & crochet wips, I have 2 other quilt tops that need finished. I was on a 30's fabric kick over the summer and I would love to hand quilt those but that takes time. In the mean time I need to piece just one more carpenter block and then I will have a table runner. I love the 30's fabrics. Just love them! 
The other pillow that I need to finish is a little cute tilda house. Its this pattern and I used some of my precious tilda that I hoard like a hoarder whose life depends on hoarding. Seriously, Its so hard for me to break into my liberty & tilda stash, its just sooo pretty! Foundation paper piecing is fun once you get the hang of it, I definitely need more practice but this pattern was simple enough even for a newbie.
As if telling you all I didn't have enough crafty things going on I decided to use up some minis and started knitting a log cabin square, the goal is to make it into a pillow. Its so addictive I can't put it down.
I have a new sock pattern that I am just writing up and should be available soon. If you have not cast on some socks for the instagram knit along there is still plenty of time, the kal runs till the end of February. If you aren't on instagram  just make sure you add the hashtag #thlsockalong on your ravelry page so I can find the project. 

New Year, Fresh Start

Oh my! To say it has been a while is an understatement... Well I'm still here and hoping to blog more this year. I admit instagram is one of the main reasons, its instant gratification but at the same time not as personal as a blog and perhaps I like the smaller audience as well. No ads either, that has really irked me for some time now. Mostly it was really hard to log on to my blog, since my last post was the very last photo I took of my little Sydney before she passed. I won't get into details but it was traumatic and I am not ashamed to say that I did not handle her death well at all, I mean at all!!

But as things go all along, time does heal the hurts and in the most bittersweet way she sent us a little fluffy guardian angel who we named Maggie. A puppy is certainly a way to keep your mind of things because puppies take up ALL your time. Yeesh! She is super fun and super cute and very fluffy!

Knitting and sewing take up my free time. If you are a knitter, please join in on my instagram knit along. The sock patterns for the knit along are all mine available on Ravelry. I"ll have some great prizes. Hope to see your projects.

I finished an impromptu scrappy lap quilt top this past week. I hope to get it basted at some point this week. I also started sewing some of my hexies, it will be a pillow case if it ever gets done. I've been really loving the slowness of hand sewing. I never thought I would love english paper piecing as much I thought I would. I started doing it about 2 years ago but I really really just started to enjoy it more within the past year or so. Its like sock knitting, just relaxing. I have plans for a larger pieced quilt, which will probably take years but I guess you don't go into hand sewing for the fast pace, right?!